You hear that a new movie is coming down the pike that will tell the story of three soldiers from Iraq called The Return (not SMG's latest). Chances are, you think of a number of people including Mark Whalberg, Christian Bale or any of the other actors who can pull off the buzz-cut tough guy thing. Hell, you might even think of Michael Peña, who was recently in World Trade Center and Babel. Peña is one, and he will be joined by none other than Rachel McAdams and Tim Robbins. The film is about three soldiers returning from the Iraq war, each trying to find their own way back into civilian life and deal with the trauma of their experiences.

The story, which was penned by Neil Burger and Dirk Wittenborn will follow the three as they return to the states and take an unexpected road trip together across the country. Burger, who just wrote and directed The Illusionist, will also direct the feature this May, with a possible release in December. I can only hope that he's got some more subtlety for this film, as his previous effort had the least climactic, and most obvious revelation that I've ever seen. But the bigger challenge might be getting the audience to buy McAdams as a soldier. She's done some decent work and has successfully come up against a killer, but that's not the same as going through boot camp and Iraq. Thoughts?

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