Ron Perlman is officially on board for two less-than-ordinary roles. He's already built up a huge resume, spanning three decades, working with all the major actors of our time -- Marlon Brando, Sigourney Weaver and Sean Connery to name a few -- and is a friend and collaborator with Oscar-nominated director Guillermo del Toro. He also has a huge cult following after starring as the title character in the television production of Beauty and the Beast and is the one and only Hellboy creating an entirely different cult following of comic book fans.

Perlman is now set to star in Standing Down, written by Ron Zimmerman, (My Wife and Kids and 7th Heaven) about a soldier whose life revolves around the military and how he responds when faced with no longer being a part of the army. Perlman is also set to executive produce the film. Somewhere in between filming Standing Down and the start of filming Hellboy 2:The Golden Army, Perlman will also appear in I Sell the Dead with Dominic Monaghan. That horror film is about 18th century gravediggers who performed services and executed trades with doctors for cadaver parts. The writer Glenn McQuaid will make the film his first feature directorial debut. Perlman will play yet another great character, a peculiar priest who will listen to the confessions of Monaghan.
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