By now everyone's seen those bizarrely creepy Burger King commercials in which the massive-headed mascot appears in the most weirdly unlikely of places. Apparently this ad campaign has been something special for the BK corporation -- it even spawned a series of Xbox video games that some of my friends call "addictively awful." (I played the one called Sneak King ... for about 3.3 minutes.) But now comes word that the King of Burgers is about to make the leap to the silver screen. Yes, that's right: A feature film centered around a corporate mascot.

According to MSN, Burger King already has a studio and a distribution deal in place for Burger King: The Movie* -- and they're threatening to have the movie finished by the end of this year! The head marketing guru for the fast food franchise indicates that the flick will be an "origin story," although I doubt it will be a re-enactment of the character's true origins. Who'd want to watch a movie about a mid-70's marketing meeting, anyway? ("Hey, I know! We're called Burger King, so let's use an actual burger king!") It's a horrible idea to make a Burger King movie, obviously, but at least the company is being honest about it. I distinctly remember a fewmovies that felt like feature-length McDonald's commercials, only they were advertised as actual films.

* This is not the confirmed title, but I bet it's the one they go with.

[ via JoBlo's ]
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