There is a new documentary out about John Lennon that Yoko Ono is trying to stop. But it isn't some retrospective featuring an array of clips and current -day commentary. It's footage shot by Ono's ex-husband, Tony Cox, over three days in 1970, just months before the break-up of The Beatles. Three Days in the Life was finished by Ray Thomas and John Fallon, who bought the unfinished documentary along with Bob Grenier for $1 million in 2000. The doc was supposed to be premiered at a free screening at a private school in Maine, but Ono's lawyers put a stop to that, as she has not signed an artist release and claims copyright interest in the work. (Hence the free screening at a private school.)

I can't really blame Ono for having a problem with the piece, if this source is correct. In the footage, Lennon is less-than-loving to his romantic cohort. Reportedly, quotes from Lennon about Yoko include: "As usual, she doesn't know what we're talking about" and "She was an old hag before I met her." However, it is also said that she's shown as a "a very intelligent, articulate woman." Regardless of the lovers' personal turmoil, the footage shows Lennon's creative process, which would undoubtedly appeal to Lennon and Beatles fans. For instance, there is a scene where John is working out the music to what would become Mind Games. Unfortunately, the battle continues to broil with no resolution in sight.
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