Hey there. Kevin managed to unlock his manacles and escape ... err, "go on vacation," so I'm filling in for him this week. Don't worry, I have been inducted as a bonafide prize-giver and stuff, so I promise not to trash your entries and take off with the swag -- though I was tempted by the prizes for last week's contest, three shiny new copies of the Borat DVD. But I did the right thing and handed them over to the lucky winners below, all of whom will now be able to pause on the naked wrestling scene in the comfort of their own living rooms. High fiiiive!

This week, we've got a photo from Dead Silence, the latest horror film from the Saw team. This one's got ventriloquist's dummies in it, and that's all I can say, as I've officially freaked myself out. Write one of three winning captions, and you will receive a bonanza of Dead Silence swag, including a t-shirt, a cup, a hat, and the movie soundtrack -- but no ventriloquist's dummy, alas. Of course, if you're actually disappointed at not getting one of those, I am now officially freaked out by you.

Sacha Baron Cohen in Borat1. "That night marked the end of Pictionary in their household." - William G.

2. "I come dressed in character and NOW you tell me our film isn't even nominated???" - Erik V.

3. "Sacha Baron Cohen is one upped at his White House dinner when G.W. wrestles naked with Alan Greenspan." - Chris O.

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This week's contest:

Ryan Kwanten in Dead Silence


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