The current road is not smooth for director Joe Carnahan. This morning, Erik reported that Reese Witherspoon backed out of Bunny Lake is Missing just over a month before production. However, the sudden disappearance of the lady Witherspoon isn't Carnahan's only pesky roadblock. Things aren't going smoothly for White Jazz either, although it isn't quite as bad as losing your lead, big-name actress. Due to the emergence of L.A. Confidential 2, which Christopher wrote about last week, Carnahan has to make some adjustments to his already-cooking Jazz.

IGN has reported that New Regency has the rights to the name Ed Exley (played by Guy Pearce in Confidential), so the name has to be changed for this adaptation. According to Carnahan: "Those familiar with the book also know that 'The Dud' Dudley Smith is also featured prominently in it. We took the original L.A. Confidential into account when writing White Jazz so we opted to remove him from the story. Now that Exley looks like he's out, it will really eliminate any incidental characters from White Jazz and allow it to be a stand alone and not dependent on the prior characters." Now, if any of you have read this, correct me if I'm wrong, but it sounds like they're changing more than the director is letting on? If Dudley is featured prominently, how can he be an incidental character?

So, this means there will be no Pearce in Jazz, and that there's a chance D.A. Ellis Loew will be altered as well. It seems silly to me. Sure, there are those who don't read James Ellroy, but will still see the movie. However, is the name really that much of a concern? Many of the moviegoers will know the original story, so why make such efforts to change it? I would assume that they'll either remove him, or change everything about the character -- or maybe they'll just re-name him Ted Texley or something.
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