Contrary to what you may have heard, Sam Neill has officially debunked those "internet rumors" that suggest he will once again return to the land of dinosaurs in the upcoming Jurassic Park IV (aka The Dinosaur Sequel We Could Live Without). The actor, who portrayed Dr. Alan Grant in both Jurassic Park and Jurassic Park III, claims he hasn't "heard from anyone" about the project and says he currently has two back-to-back films (one in Australia and one in China) lined up. Basically, he's done fighting with dinosaurs ... and I don't blame him.

If Neill is out, then who does director Joe Johnston and producer Steven Spielberg have in mind? After all, at least one actor from the original has appeared in both sequels -- so does that mean Jeff Goldblum will somehow be talked into appearing in the fourth installment, making it so he and Neill rotate sequels? Or will we get an entirely new cast? The good news is that Oscar winner William Monahan (The Departed) penned the script, which means chances are pretty good we'll get a decent story. But, will audiences flock to the theater if none of the original stars are in the flick? No word yet on what the film will be about, but early rumors alluded to it revolving around Lex -- granddaughter of billionaire investor John Hammond -- played by Ariana Richards in the original film.

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