I love it. Before the man even finishes the script, Woody Allen already has part of his cast and his plan all set. I was starting to wonder if he would sign on cast members as the characters popped into his head and were written on the page, but it seems that he's finally finished the script. The director's recent chattings with Spanish media have been reported by Screen Daily, and the director apparently let loose some more details about his upcoming and still-untitled film that will shoot in Spain this summer. We previously brought word of his desire to have Penélope Cruzhead it, and then Erik coveredJavier Bardem joining the upcoming production.

Now the crazy old man is wanting a little more Scarlett Johansson in his cinematic diet. She's already been in two of the director's last three films -- Match Point and Scoop. Spanish Untitled would make three. But as we all know, two sexy women aren't enough for Allen. He's also looking into casting Rebecca Hall (The Prestige) as another co-star. He is currently auditioning English-speaking actors, so we should have more solid cast news soon. We still don't have much word about the plot, but the Spanish press reportedly say that Allen is describing the film as "romantic but serious." So, basically, it's like his other films. Reports also state that his crew will be all-Spanish and Javier Aguirresarobe has signed on as cinematographer. I've got to give Allen credit, he's setting up a big bilingual challenge, so hopefully it will pay off and not flop.

[via Cinema Blend]
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