And finally, the rumors are correct. Variety reports today that none other than "that Steven Spielberg darling" (as Ryan calls him), Shia LaBeouf, is in final talks to play the son of Indiana Jones in the highly-anticipated Indiana Jones 4, due out next summer. However, neither Paramount nor Lucasfilm would confirm said talks because, well, the boys don't want us to know anything about this film.

Obviously someone out there in Important Land (read: Dreamworks) really likes Shea LaBeouf; the kid already has a leading role in this summer's Transformers, as well as Disturbia, and now it appears he's shacking up with Spielberg once again for Indy 4. So, will LaBeouf be the one handing Harrison Ford all of those "Gee Dad, you're gettin' old, huh" jokes? Or will he call him Pop? (Personally, I've always seen Indy as more of the 'Pop' type than the 'Dad' type.) Of course, this now opens up a ton of questions, including who LaBeouf's mother is and whether or not she is one of the women Indy shacked up with in a previous film or someone entirely new? And, will she appear in this film? What do you think -- is LaBeouf a good choice to play Indy Jr. or are there other young actors out there better suited for the role?

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