The next project for Angelina Jolie will be a Clint Eastwood film about corruption in the LAPD, Variety reported last night. The Changeling, from a script by J. Michael Straczynski (World War Z), has been fast-tracked by Universal Pictures, the studio that housed Jolie's last film, the C.I.A. drama The Good Shepherd. Production is slated to begin in late 2007, with Brian Grazer and Ron Howard producing, along with Malpaso honcho Rob Lorenz. The story is based on events that occurred in 1920s L.A., but it's not clear whether a historical or contemporary approach will be taken with the project.

Jolie's role will be that of a woman whose son is abducted and then returned -- but she thinks the child that's returned is not hers. Somehow this leads into a revelation of deep-seated corruption in the LAPD. According to the article, Ron Howard was originally tapped to direct the film, but ultimately turned it down in favor of adapting "Frost/Nixon" into a feature film. Jolie will next be seen in A Mighty Heart, the story of Mariane and Daniel Pearl, and will lend her voice to Robert Zemeckis's Beowulf as Grendel's mother. Interestingly, the Variety article also gives some credence to the notion that that Jolie has made a firm time-commitment to her long-time pet project Atlas Shrugged, which Randall Wallace has written for Lionsgate. Cinematical asked Jolie directly in December what the status of Atlas Shrugged was, and you can read her response here.

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