A new teaser poster for the upcoming Hostel: Part II has been dropped to IGN, and it's so bizarre that my first impression is that it must be some kind of fan creation, although it's hard to imagine that the IGN folks would be fooled. The poster is almost a complete melding of the first two teaser posters -- the one that shows a churn of raw meat and the one that shows a naked Bijou Phillips holding a dismembered head. Imagine if the two images were put in a blender, and you'd get a good idea of what this one is. It almost has a kind of Hellraiser quality to it, with the meat serving as a kind of body-muscle for the female figure.

The last big blast of Hostel: Part II information came during NYComicCon, some of which Erik brought you. A few clips of the film were shown, including one with Bijou Phillips and two friends bathing themselves in a hot spring, whild discussing where to find a missing friend, or something like that. Another clip showed Heather Matarazzo, gagged and looking very upset, before the camera pulls back and shows her hanging upside down, and about to be tortured. The release of the film was originally scheduled for as early as January, but (presumably) due to the insane hype surrounding it, the studio has decided to push it directly into the summer box-office brawl -- June 8.