With Casino Royale coming out on DVD next week, rumors abounding about Bond 22 everywhere, and a general love (on our part) for all things having to do with that certain British secret agent, we're bringing you our very first Bondcast. Filled with news, rumors, speculations, stories ... and co-hosted by the lovely and talented Athena Stamos from CommanderBond.net. We'll have a new episode every two weeks in which we'll bring you interviews, reports, and more news on the next Bond film.

Plus, be sure to let us know what you'd like to hear. Got a favorite Bond flick? We'll break it down for you. Want the skinny on a particular gadget and its background? We'll dig it up. One of the Bond girls really tickle your fancy? We'll interview her. The sky's the limit. A big thanks to Athena for co-hosting, and to CommanderBond.net for letting us poach her, and for having such a great website devoted to all things James Bond. Swing by and check them out.

Be sure and swing by Moviefone's Casino Royale page which is jam-packed with trailers, interviews, and a great Unscripted where Daniel Craig and director Martin Campbell interview each other.

Corrections: I mistakenly refer to Vesper's boyfriend as Argentinian, not Algerian, whoops. Hopefully he won't be coming after me. Also, the Wal-Mart Casino Royale DVD set does come with a deck of cards and a poker chip, but sadly no briefcase.

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