Posting on the Internet will bring out just about everyone -- the happy, the smart, the dumb, the dumb people who think they're smart, the delusional, the angry, the gramatically-sensitive, the horny, the fanboy and fangirl, the argument addicts and just about everyone else. Opening a post up for comments -- well, that's where the fun begins. With four months under my belt, I've had just about every kind -- even an appearance by the outlaw, Jesse James. We at Cinematical thought it would be fun to showcase the best of the comments, whether they be funny, serious or just plain memorable.

This week we've been pummelled by women-hot-for Oded, with news that Oded Fehr would not be in the next Mummy sequel. Did anyone know he had such a lusting fanbase? I didn't. We had people terrified by the thought of a Burger King movie, people complainingaboutcritic opinions and even notes on movie theater trash etiquette. However, from all that I've seen, I have to give this week's golden star to a comment about Woody Allen's interest in casting Scarlett Johansson in just about everything these days, including his next film, where the majority of the dialogue will presumably be in Spanish.

Scarlett and Woody Together Again?

"Look out Soon-Yi, I think you just got lapped..." -- Elrond Hobbert

Others from this week include...

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