Actor Larry Bishop, who has floated between television and minor films roles since the 60s, has made a good friend in Quentin Tarantino. After appearing in the director's Kill Bill: Vol. 2 as Larry Gomez -- I can't remember who that was -- it's been reported today that the previously-announced, Tarantino-produced vehicle for Bishop called Hell Rideis gearing up for a quick filming start next month. The film, described as a "chopper opera" and a "blood and sex-soaked tale of motorcycle revenge and retribution," will star Bishop as Pistolero, which was the original title of Robert Rodriguez's Desperado. Along with his brothers, The Gent and Comanche, Pistolero rides to avenge the murder of Cherokee Kisum at the hands of the '666ers', a rival gang. Yes, you read all that correctly.

Hell Ride will film in Los Angeles, and few details are available right now as to how Tarantino-esque the film will be. It is known, however, that Bishop is handling starring, writing, directing and producing duties, so it's safe to say this is probably a project he's been carrying in his back pocket for the last thirty years, and Tarantino just happened to flip over it. Meanwhile, Tarantino's primary focus -- Grindhouse -- is fast approaching, scheduled to open in theaters on April 6.

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