Recently, we questioned whether there was any trouble brewing over at Disney regarding the status of Pirates of the Caribbean: At Worlds End. Here we are two months before the film is set to debut and, so far, we've seen nada -- no website, no teaser, no trailer and no satisfying set pics. Well, folks over at the Mouse House were keeping mum for a reason -- as usual, they were planning something big. First up, Disney will premiere the Pirates of the Caribbean: At Worlds End trailer during a special nationwide "Pirates Ultimate Fan Event" on Sunday, March 18. In addition to the trailer preview, there will be a screening of Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl, as well as Pirate-themed prizes and a bunch of other goodies. The event will be held in each market at a select theater and fans can find out more by logging on to

Oh, but that's not all. For those of you who cannot make it out to the event, Disney will premiere the Pirates 3 trailer on ABC the following day, March 19, during the premiere episode of Dancing with the Stars (between 8-10PM). Immediately following the show, you can watch the trailer online at, and a number of other premium online destinations. In case you're bad at math (like me), this means we have exactly 10 days before those crazy Pirates officially take over the planet ... for a third time. Pirates of the Caribbean: At Worlds End hits theaters on May 25. So, are you excited about the third film?

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