It's hard to remember that Randy Quaid, the man who co-starred as Cousin Eddie in National Lampoon's, is also a man who has an Academy Award nomination under his belt for the 1973 film, The Last Detail. Every once in a while he throws a good drama or action in there to remind us that he's more than just a goofy, insane ex-army man. Even Hollywood seems to forget at times, like low-balling his pay for Brokeback Mountain. Now the Texan native will be heading to Canada for a starring role in Real Time.

Dennis' older brother will star with Jay Baruchel in the indie dramedy. You might remember Baruchel from his work in Million Dollar Baby, or as I do from Almost Famous -- he was the crazy Led Zeppelin fan. Time will center on a hit man played by Quaid, who is set to kill a compulsive gambler and an old acquaintance of his, Baruchel's character. (The "old acquaintance" thing seems a bit silly since the man is only 25, but maybe the hit man knew him as a kid or something.) Because of their past, he gives the young man an hour to live. The feature is the creation of Randall Cole, who wrote and will direct the screenplay. Cole previous penned and helmed his first feature, 19 Months, in 2002. Quaid isn't a bad grab for the new filmmaker, considering that his last cast was free of higher-profile names. The movie will be shot outside of Toronto, perhaps at one of the nearby casinos, but there is no word on a production date.
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