Here's one to make you laugh as we head into the weekend: A 60 year-old guy pulled out a handgun, held up a Hollywood Video in Oregon and forced all of the employees into a back room ... but only after he strolled about the store scoping the latest DVDs to hit the shelves. Arriving a half hour before the store was set to close, the robber killed time before approaching the front counter with a black handgun and one request: "Give me Borat, or give me all your money!"

Okay, he didn't demand a copy of Borat, but who knows what was going through the guy's mind. Heck, there were times before I made the switch to Netflix when Blockbuster would be out of everything I wanted to watch -- for weeks on end! On a few occasions, I would run to Blockbuster after work, arriving pumped up to see a particular film, and not find it on shelves or even in that little pile of movies behind the desk (please, you know you check there too -- after you pretend to be the only one on the planet who knows that secret pile exists.) After I would come to the realization it was unavailable -- and deal with attitude from the Blockbuster employee -- there were moments where I contemplated doing something illegal.

Of course, that never happened -- and thanks to Best Buy, I currently have films like The Rules of Attraction, The Mexican and Swordfish in my DVD library. I say Blockbuster should buy those awful films back from me; sixty bucks down the drain because they couldn't keep their shelves stocked. But I digress. Oh, and the robber was never caught -- though I bet the cops never checked the local Best Buy.

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