Sharp-eyed Youtubers have discovered a hidden image inside an extended 300 trailer available on the Web. If you carefully scroll to minute 1.52 in the 5.30 trailer, you'll suddenly see an incongruous image of a man in a headwrap and noir duds standing in what looks like a seedy landscape. The shadowy figure is instantly recognizable to fans as Rorschach, from the DC comic series 'Watchmen.' Rorschach is a series protagonist who wears an inkblot-type mask to conceal his identity while battling crime.

The Watchmen series is set in an alternate 1985 -- get out your checkbook, Robert Zemeckis -- and focuses on the adventures of a few heroes and villains as nuclear war between the U.S. and the Soviets edges closer and closer. 300 director Zack Snyder is set to move forward with a Watchmen adaptation, and hopes to begin production as early as this summer. The presumed success of 300 will probably make a fast-track possible, despite Synder's assertions that the film will be an R-rated story, not aimed at youngsters. Given Snyder's (presumed) sneaky insertion of Rorschach into this trailer, you can probably expect the character to feature prominently in the film adaptation.

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