Time to put a smile back on your face. Whether it's the state of world affairs or that looming car payment that's got you down, fear not for there are laughs on the horizon, or so these previews would have you believe. It's mirth week on Trailer Park.

The Ten
Hmm. Lots of quick flashes featuring the likes of Famke Janssen, Jessica Alba, Winona Ryder and veterans of the comedy troupe known as The State, all set to an Amy Miles song. Normally, I think a trailer should give the viewer at least some idea of what the movie is about, which this one does not, but I'm intrigued all the same. The film (which was favorably reviewed by Cinematical's own Scott Weinberg after it played Sundance) is a series of vignettes each based on one of the ten commandments. Something about this weird ensemble comedy appeals to me.

Everything's Gone Green
My first thought was, "isn't that the guy who played Matt LeBlanc's nephew on the ill-fated Friends spin-off Joey?" Indeed that's Paul Costanzo and he's playing a young man who after losing his girl and his job becomes part of a money laundering scam in this capitalistic comedy. Looks to be the standard rags to ill-gotten riches story, but Costanzo has appeal as what the film's official site is calling "a twenty-something uberslacker." Everything's Gone Green was first mentioned by Cinematical's Jessica Barnes here.

Year of the Dog
"Maybe your dog died so your love life can live," says the friend of Molly Shannon's character, which seems to sum up the movie's premise. Peter Saarsgard plays the animal shelter employee who brings another dog and perhaps romance back into her life. Shannon's character seems similar to lonely depressives she's played before, but she does it so well it's hard to argue, and this looks like an enjoyable romantic comedy. Scott Weinberg saw this one at Sundance and here's his review.