During the run-up to Daniel Craig's casting as James Bond, I was fervently hoping that the producers would go in a different direction and give Scottish actor Dougray Scott a chance. He would have been the leanest, meanest Bond since Timothy Dalton, I thought, and still think -- although I was pleasantly surprised by Craig's performance. Scott also infamously missed the boat on Wolverine, barely losing the part to Hugh Jackman. Luckily, he isn't being completely ignored by Hollywood -- IGN reported yesterday that director Luc Besson has said Scott will co-star in the long-awaited movie-version of the Hitman game. Timothy Olyphant stars in Hitman as Agent 47, an assassin who works for a shady outfit called The Agency.

According to what IGN was picked up, Scott will play the antagonist who pursues Olyphant throughout the film. Production on Hitman is scheduled to begin this month in Prague. Cinematical recently spoke to Olyphant and touched on what his hopes for Hitman are -- you can read that here. He'll next be seen in the fourth Die Hard installment, Live Free or Die Hard, while Scott's next project may be the mystery drama The Last Chapter.

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