This weekend, Zack Snyder's300 opened strong on Friday with $27.7 million, leading us to wonder if it would come close to the record held by Ice Age: The Meltdown, for the highest March opening -- $68.0 million. Turns out it pole-vaulted right over it, opening with $70 million, the new highest March opening ever. It's also the twenty-first biggest opening of all time, just ahead of The Day After Tomorrow and just behind Finding Nemo -- an incredible box-office haul for a film with no stars, opening well before the summer season gets going. Most significantly perhaps, the film made its production budget back in one weekend, meaning that, as we first mentioned yesterday, Snyder's next project, The Watchmen should be able to get a fast-track at a budget Snyder wants, despite the fact that it will be an R-rated film not geared towards the PG-13 crowd in any way.

The impressive weekend take could also have implications for the other major Frank Miller project in the work, Sin City 2. There were rumblings at this year's WonderCon that Angelina Jolie may have moved closer to signing on the dotted line to play a significant part in the sequel to Sin City, but nothing ever materialized out of those rumors. If it was a money issue holding the studio up, then perhaps they'll have a new incentive to get the deal done and get the film into theaters as soon as possible.