Since John Carpenter's theme music for Halloween is probably one of the most recognized theme songs in movie history, you can imagine the outcry when a MTV interview with director Rob Zombie reported that he was not using the original music in his "re-imagining" of Carpenter's film. In the interview, Zombie was quoted as saying, "The plan was at some point to [remake it], to change it around, the actual way it sounds now doesn't really work with what we're doing." But it looks like all that upset was in vain as Ain't it Cool News has since reported that Zombie has corrected the article on the MySpace page for the film.

Zombie posted "Now I get it, MTV misunderstood what I was saying about the music. Oh well, I am still shooting and haven't even begin to explore the music side of things yet. I always planned on using the original theme since the beginning." Zombie is still promising plenty of changes; including no cameos from original cast members or re-creations of some of Carpenter's famous shots. But he seems determined to keep the music in one form or another -- although I can't help but worry another "re-imagining" could include "Halloween: The Dragula Remix."

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