Except for a few grumblings of mildly disappointing trailers, it would seem that most of talk surrounding the big-screen version of The Simpson's has been tinged with happy anticipation. But, the Associated Press might have one of the few pieces of bad press for the film. The AP reported that Mexican voice actors for the series were threatening a boycott. Actors had ended a strike in 2005 over hiring practices on the condition that they were promised the film. Gabriel Chavez, who is the voice of Mr. Burns, told the Mexican newspaper the El Universal, "Gentlemen keep their word," and that if the studio does not keep it's word that they will provide the voices for the film, then "there will be a boycott across Latin America of the film."

So far, neither Chavez nor a representative from 20th Century Fox Mexico has commented on the threat of a boycott, but it might set a dangerous precedent. The show airs in over 60 countries, so considering Fox is expecting a worldwide release, that is a lot of possibly disgruntled voice-actors. The real question is, would fans be able to stay away, even if it's not the "d'oh" they are used to? I'm not sure I could.
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