The first Clive Barker film I ever saw was Nightbreed. Scratch that. It was the first one I should have seen. I rented it as soon as it came out, because I had a thing for Craig Sheffer. I was young, and I sat in the dark, home alone, and only got through the first few minutes before I was sufficiently creeped out and sure that someone was going to break into my house and kill me. I went on with life, seeing Sheffer's Fire with Fireco-star in one of the next Barker films, Candyman, and forgot about the little flick until I found it cheap and previously-viewed. I'm now a little embarrassed with how freaked the film made me, but I like to think that it was childhood innocence.

While most of Barker's adaptations since then have dealt with Hellraiser, we're on our way towards getting something new -- The Midnight Meat Train -- as Scott Weinberg hasreported. The last we heard, Bradley Cooper (Wedding Crashers) had signed on. Now Variety has added a few more names to the cast -- Vinnie Jones (Snatch), Leslie Bibb (Popular) and believe it or not, Brooke Shields. The story, which centers on a serial killer who finds his victims in the subway, will star place Jones as the creepy killer, Cooper as a stupid and struggling photographer who must think he's Spider-Man, as he decides to improve his fortune by finding and taking pictures of the murderer, Bibb as Cooper's girlfriend and the Queen of Postpartum Shields will play an art gallery owner who becomes friends with the photographer. Shooting will begin next week, and will soon see if Shield's next theme will be Scream Queen.
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