Have we heard enough about Eddie Murphy yet? I mean sure, he's had some big, fun hits mixed in with more questionable choices. While I plan to never see The Haunted Mansion, as much as I adore the ride it was based on, I can't help but like him as Donkey. However, that could be because he's not playing a multitude of goofy characters, a schtick that has just about erased his classic guffaw from our memories. While Kim mused in February whether or not Murphy was interested in an Oscar, his huffy walk-out after losing seemed to answer that question. We've got Norbit, which has been right in the thick of the whole critic-vs-viewer showdown and Erik even brought word that Murphy was gearing up for a Fantasy Island remake.

Well, that's not all, salivating, insatiable Eddie Murphy fans! Now the man of many faces will be grabbing a badge, sliding on his spurs and putting his gun in his holster to face down rascal tumbleweeds in the Old West. The Hollywood Reporter has posted that Murphy is about to be in yet another DreamWorks comedy. He is going to produce and re-team with Norbit co-star and stand-up comedian Katt Williams for the comedy feature that Williams has penned -- Marshals. The movie will have the pair as the first black marshals of the Old West. If you're wondering what sort of film this will be, take a look at the two comedians' histories. Murphy loves to put on the fat suit or make goofy voices, and Williams is only credited with writing his stand-up, one of which is named: The Pimp Chronicles. Need I say more?
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