Heather Graham, whose just-released flick Gray Matters was called "the worst thing to hit Manhattan since 9/11" by Cinematical's own Ryan Stewart (guess he didn't like it) is expected to fly into Belfast today to start filming what one hopes is a more successful romantic comedy: Buy, Borrow or Steal. The movie tells the story of a woman who finds out she will have an early menopause (laughing yet?) and therefore only has two weeks to conceive a child. Her boyfriend doesn't want to have a baby, so she begins searching for a man to put a bun in her oven. (Consider my hand raised!) I'm going to go out on a limb here and say hijinks ensue -- menopause-related hijinks.

There's no details available on imdb yet, but the script was written by Irish screenwriter Camilla Leslie, an in-house writer and producer at Blue Shutter Films, a production company based at Castle Leslie in Ireland. According to Blue Shutter's site, the film will be directed by Eric Styles, and co-star the lovely Mia Kirshner. Apparently, Miss Graham is of Irish descent, but here's hoping Rollergirl doesn't attempt an accent. I'm still dealing with Cameron Diaz's Lucky Charms-inspired attempt in Gangs of New York. Cam, wasn't there enough butchering going on in that movie? Hiyo!

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