Well, either it's just a coincidence or there is something to the rumor that the Bond franchise was looking for a new car for their super-spy. Market Watch reports that Ford Motor announced at a press conference today that they had sold the famed sports car unit Aston Martin to a group of investors. The consortium includes the racing mogul David Richards, and two unnamed Kuwaiti companies. It is believed that the sale was prompted by Ford to help with their struggling bottom line. Originally, the Aston Martin was part of a grouping of high-end European cars that Ford hoped would be a great source of revenue, in the end it cost them almost $2 billion -- so it looks like Ford is looking to pay off some debts (an article in The Financial Times had estimated that the sale could be worth as much as $868 million).

Rumors had surfaced about the switch not too long ago, and the sale of Aston Martin has given some credence to the rumors that Audi was expecting to step in. Although, Ford did keep 15% of the company, so I doubt they would be willing to give up that kind of exposure, especially if they are struggling financially -- they need all the free advertising they can get. So between the sale of Ian Fleming's "Birthplace of Bond" and the deal with Aston Martin, it certainly seems that all things Bond are profitable again.
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