Last year, we had an explosion of September 11 films, and they ranged from the international, fictional spy account in Quelques jours en septembre (A Few Days in September) to imagining what happened on-board United 93. Now that we've dealt with the day itself, and a few days leading up to it, indie filmmaker Austin Chick is looking into the month before it with his second feature, August. His first was XX/XY, the film that had Mark Ruffalo, Maya Stange and Kathleen Robertson revisiting a sticky three-way relationship they'd had almost a decade earlier.

August is looking to be a bit of a change for the writer/director. The Hollywood Reporter has announced that Josh Hartnett and Naomie Harris have signed on for the feature that Chick co-wrote with Howard Rodman (Joe Gould's Secret). The film details two brothers who are struggling to keep their financial company stable on Wall Street the month before the infamous terrorist attacks. Hartnett, who will also take a stab at producing the film along with Charlie Corwin, will play one of the brothers while Harris will be the very-specific "female lead." You probably remember her as Tia Dalma, the scary voodoo lady from the Pirates of the Caribbean movies. I'm interested in seeing what sort of angle Chick will take with the piece. XX/XY was pretty mellow and somber, so I really have no idea how he'll tackle this one.
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