Too bad we didn't go to Showest this year -- looks like those who did got treated to some interesting stuff. The people over at Latino Review brought back a whole slew of new posters for some of 2007's most highly-anticipated films like The Golden Compass and The Bourne Ultimatum. I have to say that neither of those particular posters are very interesting, and the one for The Golden Compass should absolutely be scrapped -- even for a teaser poster, it's dull and not eye-catching in the least. I'd prefer a poster with some old-fashioned head shots to a poster of an actual compass. The Bourne poster is a little better -- it's Matt Damon standing with his back to the camera and the not-so-bad headline 'This Summer Jason Bourne Comes Home."

The best poster of the bunch, for my money, is one for the Liv Tyler-starring horror film The Strangers, scheduled for release this summer. It's decidedly retro, with a knife being held in the stabbing motion, like something you'd see in a poster for a Friday the 13th film from 1982. Nice. The batch of new posters -- I have a limited memory, so don't leave angry comments if I'm wrong and they've popped up before -- also includes ones for I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry, Evan Almighty, and the Elisabeth Shue film Gracie. They also took some snaps of Silver Surfer standees and other things they saw in Vegas. All in all, a pretty good score.