• Jean Baudrillard(1929-2007) - French critic and philosopher who partly inspired The Matrix trilogy. He died March 6, in Paris. (NY Times)
  • Cynthia Brannon(c.1952-2007) - Stuntwoman and actress who worked on The Terminator, A Nightmare on Elm Street and America 3000. She died of natural causes March 4, in Los Angeles. (Variety)
  • Captain America(1941-2007) - Marvel comic book character who was portrayed by Matt Salinger in the 1990 Captain America. He was shot by a sniper March 7.
  • Philip Chong(1936-2007) - Stuntman and actor who began his career as a Mongolian horseback rider in Lost Horizon. His resume is extremely long, including stunt work for Robocop 2, Predator 2, Speed 2: Cruise Control, Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan, The Naked Gun 2 1/2, Batman Forever, Traffic and most recently Memoirs of a Geisha. He died of a heart attack March 3. (L.A. Daily News)
  • Mike Ferra(c.1932-2007) - Camera operator on Meteor, The Mountain Men and Below Utopia who developed the Ferraflex line of cameras. He died March 4. (Variety)
  • Eddie Firestone(1920-2007) - Character actor who appears in The Law and Jake Wade, Two for the Seesaw and Spielberg's TV-movie Duel. He died of respiratory and heart failure March 1, in Sherman Oaks, California. (LA Times)
  • Laurence Heath(1928-2007) - Writer of the screenplay for Triumph of the Spirit. He died January 9, in Brentwood, California. (Variety)
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