I'm now convinced that we'll have a steady stream of Bond rumors until the next film finally hits theaters sometime during the 2008 holiday season, especially since the casting game is already being played. The Australian magazine New Idea has just published a piece that claims Aussie actress Abbie Cornish, most notable for the film Somersault, is flying to Singapore to meet with Bond principals about a role in the next film. A source at MGM -- who knows what kind of source -- apparently had the following to say to the paper: "Abbie is perfect because she is not familiar to film audiences, but at the same time people have become intrigued by her. She may not have enjoyed being caught up in a scandal at the time but it certainly helped her profile."

The scandal being referred is the one where Cornish allegedly broke up Reese Witherspoon's marriage to Ryan Phillippe. The paper claims that Cornish is due to meet with Bond producer Barbara Broccoli as well as MGM executives and Daniel Craig. This isn't the only Bond rumor flying around, of course. A major villain role in Bond 22 -- Vesper's Algerian boyfriend -- is also reportedly being cast, and Croatian actor Goran Visnjic, most known for his role as a doctor on the television show ER, has been talked about as an ideal choice for the role. Stay tuned to Cinematical as we waste terabytes bunking and de-bunking each new Bond rumor that comes down the pike. Also, check out our new regular Bondcast podcast, appearing every other Friday!

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