Have you seen anything on Kevin Costner's new movie, Mr. Brooks? It's due in theaters June 1 and I think it looks rather intriguing. Costner is some successful business guy with a nice home, wife and family (that'd be Mr. Brooks, I'm guessing) who ... dum-dum-dum! ... is a serial killer at night (I think). Demi Moore plays a detective on his trail, and William Hurt is ... some other serial killer who discovers Costner's nocturnal activities (I think). We have two exclusive pics from the thriller (see below). I can't remember Kevin Costner playing such a baddie before -- has he? And I read that he's already considering a sequel for this flick, wanting to "tell the story" of this character. I'm not a huuuge KC fan, but I have to admit that I loved The Upside of Anger, and that was partly because it was such a surprising choice for him (along with the fact that Joan Allen is sublime), so I'm hoping that this one too will exceed my Kev-spectations. And it's ALWAYS a blast to see William Hurt chewing some scenery (a little 'History of Violence,' anyone?).