The image It was International Day yesterday at ShoWest, and while many foreign cinema reps were complaining about shrinking release windows, they were also treated to exclusive product reels previewing clips from this year's big releases. One of these reels was an extended action scene from The Bourne Ultimatum, and according to those who saw the footage, this sequel is going to be another great installment. The Latino Review describes the scene as a rooftop hand-to-hand fight sequence that once again sets the bar high. was also excited about the scene and says the third film "is sure to get your heart pumping." Both sites also have praise for footage from Evan Almighty, The Kingdom, Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End and Elizabeth: The Golden Age plus pans of previews for (I Now Pronounce You) Chuck and Larryand American Gangster.

The Bourne Identityfranchise is a great series to look forward to because its installments don't have to adhere to any fan-base mythology or expectations, nor do they actually have to make much sense in the plot or plausibility departments. They just have to be action spectacles that are choreographed and photographed well and I will be happy. Matt Damon is a good enough actor to make anything else work well enough. Case in point: The Bourne Supremacy, which is even more ridiculous than the first film, especially because of how inane Joan Allen's character is, but is nonetheless one of the most entertaining action films of the past five years. The latest installment will arrive in theaters August 3, which isn't nearly soon enough for me.
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