As we reported last September, a CGI adaptation of Dr. Seuss' classic Horton Hears A Who is in the works. Cinco Paul and Ken Daurio (The Santa Clause 2) are adapting the book, first-timers Jimmy Hayward and Steve Martino are directing. Blue Sky Studios, who didIce Age, are producing the film for 20th Century Fox Animation. Where this film really looks to shine is in the voice talent department. Jim Carrey will be tackling his second Seuss character with Horton (pictured), and Steve Carell is lending his pipes to the Mayor. Now we know Who else will be bringing Who-ville to life, and believe it or not, Robin Williams is not on the list! Comedy legend Carol Burnett will voice the Kangaroo, and the rest of the cast is pretty much a "Who's Who" of the freshest, funniest comedic actors working today. To wit:

Will Arnett (screamingly funny onArrested Development, RIP), Amy Poehler (killer on Saturday Night Liveand Mrs. Will Arnett), Seth Rogen (so great in 40 Year-Old Virginand set to explode with this summer's Knocked Up), Jonah Hill (hilarious trying to buy the sparkly shoes in 40YOV), Dan Fogler (terrific in his Tony-winning role in Broadway's The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee, and appearing in his possible breakout role in this summer's Balls of Fury), Isla Fisher (gorgeous fiancee of Sacha Baron Cohen and the funniest part of Wedding Crashers), Jamie Pressley (very good on My Name Is Earl but my thoughts go immediately to Skinemax staple Poison Ivy 3)... and finally - the hilarity comes to a screeching halt - Dane Cook (funny in absolutely nothing). With all that comedy goodness behind the scenes, I can't wait to see this thing. Save the date! March 14th, 2008! It'll be great! Don't be late! Damn you, Seuss!
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