Arriving on DVD tomorrow March 13, is Ghoul School: The Splatter University Edition, the latest DVD to be released under the banner of Camp Motion Pictures' Retro 80s Horror Collection, and although this one was technically released in 1990, there are plenty of big hairdos and acid-washed jeans on display. Like previous releases in the collection, Ghoul School is a long out of print direct to video horror flick from the hey-day of VHS making its DVD debut. I had assumed that this was going to be a shot on video affair like previous releases Woodchipper Massacre (covered in a previous installment of Killer B's on DVD) and Cannibal Campout, but Ghoul School was actually shot on film (presumably 16mm).

A pair of thugs murder a high school janitor in order to acquire something of value and accidentally release a chemical into the school's water supply that turns people into flesh-eating zombies. What that item of value might be, why this chemical is in the school or where it came from in the first place are completely ignored. This was obviously a very troubled production, and the movie is filled with scenes like this where logic is forced to take a backseat to a restrictive shooting schedule.
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