We're almost at the point where we can see the looming Spider-Man 3 on the horizon, its May 4th release date just out of reach. However, before the adoring masses get to slide in line and enjoy the long-awaited sequel, Variety reported that the webbed hero would get its world premiere in Tokyo on April 16th and be released in Japan 3 days before the U.S., on May 1. The jerks. It was a bit of a crappy turn of fate, considering the fact that the film is set, and was filmed in, New York City.

However, in the same news release, Variety reported that Sony was planning a U.S. premiere date before the wide-release. If current rumors are true, that premiere will be held in the Big Apple, as part of the Tribeca Film Festival. The Reeler has posted that while the gala premieres haven't been determined yet, that word on the street has the third installment screening during the festival. This works into reports that there would be a North American premiere, as the festival ends after Tokyo's world premiere. Since May's a long time to wait, you might want to check out Kevin Kelly's Sneak Peek at the film, if you missed it.