In the rush to try and get a handle on the emergence of the Internet as a place where people go for their movies and television content, another player has thrown its pixelated hat into the ring trying to capture its share of the online content market. According to the Hollywood Reporter, former Disney Chairman Michael Eisner went live this week with his attempt -- a "virtual studio" called Vuguru. The new studio, which will focus primarily on producing original programming online and for distribution on portable media devices such as iPods and cell phones, will be financed exclusively by Eisner's investment firm Tornante Co.

"The entire concept here is content is king," Eisner said in the article. "What will drive traffic is interest in the subject matter." Hopefully following Eisner's mandate, Vuguru has already snapped up its first project -- an 80-episode scripted mystery consisting of 90-second webisodes called Prom Queen. The new show, which debuts on April 2, is described as "a blend of "a blend of love, gossip, and betrayal" during the final two weeks of high school.

Whatever you might think of Eisner and his tenure at Disney, he's obviously very smart and knows a good business idea when he sees one. Content production for the Internet and mobile devices will be a big part of the future of Hollywood whether people at the studios want to admit it or not. Some of them may have to be dragged kicking and screaming into the future but Eisner doesn't appear to be one of them. He sees the future and intends on capitalizing on it. Although, with the fickle nature of the Internet and tastes of the Internet generation, he better hurry before his potential audience moves on to the "next big thing" -- whatever that might be.
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