There's really only one DVD to watch this week and -- sorry ladies -- it does not feature a lovelorn Jude Law putting the romantic smackdown on Cameron Diaz, nor is it famous for a lovemaking scene set to the Righteous Brothers and involving lots of wet clay. To be sure, the charming romantic comedy The Holiday does hit DVD shelves this week, as does a special collector's edition of the tearjerking Patrick Swayze classic Ghost. But for an extra-strength dose of pure cinematic pleasure there is only one man who can satiate your needs and that is Bond ... James Bond. Still, if your movie sensibilities sway to the beat of a less action-packed drum, the DVD gods have blessed you with a couple of solid alternate choices. So grab some snacks, hop on your couch and check out these stellar discs ...

Casino Royale DVDCasino Royale
This smart, edgy, thoroughly thrilling flick does for James Bond what Batman Begins did for the Dark Knight: gives him a new lease on life and reinvents our protagonist as a modern, demon-haunted hero to whom audiences can actually relate. As a novice 007, Daniel Craig shows that his suave superspy is capable of feeling emotions other than cool aloofness. This Bond is cocky to be sure, but he also shows signs of vulnerability, compassion and (can it be?) the ability to truly love a woman. Don't worry, though -- James hasn't gone soft: There's enough action in this film (one of 2006's best) to put Jet Li in a coma.
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Fun Fact: Apparently, the climate in the Bond universe is just as dry as one of his signature martinis: This is the first film in the 44-year history of 007 films where it actually rains.

The Holiday DVDThe Holiday
Romantic comedy guru Nancy Meyers (What Women Want, Something's Gotta Give) serves up yet another sweet cinematic confection with this tale of a career-obsessed LA girl (Cameron Diaz) and a love-deprived Englishwoman (Kate Winslet) who swap homes over the Christmas holiday to escape what they think are their pathetic lives. Whilst the two woman are living in each other's home they find exactly what they've been missing: self-confidence and, of course, two handsome fellers named Jude Law and Jack Black. This movie won't change your life, but it has charm to spare. And, guys, if you feel like you need your man gems reattached after watching, you can always pop in Casino Royale.
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Fun Fact: Dustin Hoffman was not originally slated to make a video-store cameo in the film, but he kindly stepped in when the previously scheduled star (who shall remain nameless) failed to show.

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