While we should take everything those British papers report with a large grain of salt, sources are telling the Daily Mirror that production on Sweeney Todd has come to a halt following an undisclosed illness that's plagued Johnny Depp's daughter, Lily-Rose. Last week, it was reported that the four-year-old girl was hospitalized in grave condition, prompting Depp to ditch Todd to camp out by his daughter's bedside. Since then, reports suggest she's gotten better and has left the hospital -- though, at the same time, word has leaked out of Pinewood Studios (where Sweeney Todd is being filmed) that production has shut down and cannot proceed until Depp returns.

Apparently, the staff at Pinewood Studios have been told they will all lose their jobs this weekend if Depp doesn't miraculously appear. However, a source tells the paper that the "plan is to re-employ everybody when she gets better." But, since the actual illness is still somewhat of a mystery (word is that she may have developed blood poisoning after stepping on a rusty tack), it's difficult to say how long Depp will be away. Of course, who can blame him -- if my daughter was seriously ill, there's no way I would leave her side until I was assured she was good to go. No word yet on whether this situation could potentially shut down Sweeney Todd for good, but Dreamworks has released a statement saying, "We've adjusted his schedule to fit with his needs. Everybody's with them in good spirits." As always, Cinematical will update you as soon as more information becomes available.

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