You're in for a treat; the teaser trailer for the next great zombie flick has been released. From what I can tell, 28 Weeks Later has a lot of running, fires and the oh-so strong heroic character out to save the human race. I love it. I have to admit that I was slightly disappointed when I learned that Danny Boyle would not be directing. 28 Days Later was truly an exquisite film on many levels; lighting, acting and composition were gorgeous. One of my favorite images was Cillian Murphy walking alone in the wilds of his newly emptied Britain; the magnitude of his size against the impending doom was paralleled to the massiveness of the commercial truck shadowed against him. Magnificent.

Although Boyle is not directing, he is producing the film -- Juan Carlos Fresnadillo will take the torch to direct. Fresnadillo is in fact an Oscar nominated filmmaker for his short film Esposadas in 1996 and he's also partially responsible for the writing credits of 28 Weeks Later alongside Rowan Joffee. What are we basically in for? Well Britain has fallen, there isn't a living person inhabiting its streets. Thus America decides to come to the rescue ... but can the American army prove stronger than the zombie race? The full trailer will appear starting March 23 in theatres before The Hills Have Eyes II.
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