In September, Erik Davis briefly mentioned one of the projects that Keith Calder's Snoop Entertainment was producing -- Terra. The story is based on a short CG film by Montreal native Aristomenis Tsirbas that deals with an interplanetary, alien future. The short was then penned into a feature by Evan Spiliotopoulos -- the scribe of Pooh's Heffalump Movie, of all things. The extended adaptation deals with interplanetary conflict between a peaceful world and human warriors looking to colonize it. The first news had the likes of Thirteen'sEvan Rachel Wood, X2 bad guy Brian Cox, and Arrested Development'sDavid Cross, as well as James Garner and Danny Glover stepping in to lend their voices.

Now Variety has given a whole slew of names to add to the cast. We've got Luke Wilson, Amanda Peet, Dennis Quaid, Justin Long (the Mac guy and Die Hard 4 co-star) and Chris Evans (Fantastic Four) to delight in as well. If that cast isn't enough, there is also Ron Perlman, Rosanna Arquette and Danny Trejo. Really, whoever casted this sucker wanted to cover all of their bases. We've got younger, saucy stars, older and established actors, lots of quirk and two bad asses to boot. For a "studio-quality CG pic at a third of the price," they've certainly got an impressive list of talent. Sure, they're not Brangelina tabloid huge, but I think they've got the chops. Are they enough to interest you?
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