There's just never enough of Quentin Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez's Grindhouse. From Double R's own squealing guitar theme to crazy Machete wielding, we've brought you pictures, a new and improved trailer, soundtrack details and mid-movie trailer goodies. Obviously, a number of us at Cinematical are a little bit antsy for the film. Now, to further whet our palates with a torrent of Grindhouse goodness, there's a juicy featurette courtesy of Rose McGowan's fan website. Originally appearing on FX, the Welcome to the Grindhouse special gives further details to the who and what of the upcoming homage.

It's not surprising that the footage has popped up on Rose's fan site -- the featurette gives a lot of screen time to the lady McGowan. I really can't blame them, who wouldn't want to revel in Rose re-finding her snark and see a tough girl with a machine gun leg doing impressive stunts? After an intro from the directing duo and a run-down of what Death Proof and Planet Terror are about, there's three main parts of the sneak peak -- "Badass Babes - The Girls of Grindhouse," "Renegade Guys of Grindhouse" and "Trailers of Grindhouse." There's a bunch of great scenes, although I must say that Naveen Andrews' talk about an antidote made me space out like I do during Heroes. Luckily, there's enough beyond it to pull you back in.
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