Chinese director Wong Kar Wai's days, and especially his Nights have been filled with English-speaking cinema. In November, I posted that his recently-wrapped English debut, My Blueberry Nights, had found a distributor in Weinstein Co. Running a little less smoothly is his second English feature, The Lady from Shanghai, which ran into a roadblock with reports that Nicole Kidman had backed out. Top that off with Ashes of Time -- Redux, which is scheduled to be released for fall festivals, and it would seem that the director's calendar is full.

Oh, no. Wong is adding yet another feature to his roster. According to his production company, Jettone, the director will be heading back to his comfort-language for a feature that will shoot this April in Taiwan -- having wrapped Ashes and before heading into Shanghai. The currently unnamed drama is about lesbian love at a high-school. I know, it's not much to go on. Variety states that his involvement is yet-to-be-confirmed, although Stanley Kwan will be the film's executive producer and Yanni Wang will be behind the camera. This shouldn't be a big jump for the director. His first internationally-recognized film, Happy Together, tackled gay themes and won him the Best Director at Cannes in 1997.
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