Now that films like Wild Hogs have done so well at the box office, you best prepare yourself for a whole lot more of these "middle-aged guys leave suburbia to live dangerously"-type projects. Our first example can be found in Frank Coraci's (Click, The Wedding Singer, The Waterboy) next film, Part-Time Pirates, which he'll be directing for 20th Century Fox. However, don't think this idea was hatched as soon as Hogs hit it big -- actually, it was pitched as an original idea back in 2004 by newbie Jordan Cahan, and Fox has been sitting on it, patiently waiting for the right Hogs, er, time to unveil it.

Story revolves around a group of bored working-class guys who, for some odd reason, decide to hit the open seas and raid the pricey yachts of their stingy former bosses. Somewhere along the way they become "real men" and learn the meaning of life while taking on the roles of modern-day pirates. Honestly, it's a wicked smart idea from Fox, as they'll be looking to reel in the same audience who flocked to see both Pirates of the Caribbean and Wild Hogs -- not to mention, the film is being brought to us by the guy who directed three of Adam Sandler's biggest films. No word yet on whether Sandler will take part; pic is being produced by Terra Firma Films and not Sandler's Happy Madison. Based on Coraci's track record, the only recent film he helmed without Sandler (Around the World in 80 Days) absolutely tanked, and so I'd be curious to see if he can keep up those big box office numbers without his lucky star.

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