It's only been a month since Jennifer Hudson won an Oscar for her first performance in front of the cinematic cameras. Since then, she's been embroiled in a bit of Idol drama over whether or not she should be thanking the show for her success -- a drama that at least got her free hamburgers. She's also faced with her share of naysayers who are already making bets on how quickly she'll fade into obscurity. While the Academy Awards aren't the end-all of talent and continuing success, I don't think it's time to plan her demise yet. Especially since she might just become Aretha Franklin.

According to MSNBC, Ms. Franklin has chatted with Access Hollywood about a number of studios who have expressed interest in her life story. While talking about the possibilities, she confirmed that Hudson was one of the names suggested, but she wasn't particularly excited or set on the idea. She's quoted as saying: "Well, I don't know. I'm not sure. The producers want to know how I feel about it, about her playing [me]. What I'd like to see is three different people playing [me]." While Aretha also expressed interest in some other talented singers, I don't see one of them nabbing a spot over Hudson, who has the vocal chops and acclaim to boot. Then again, Aretha says they might find someone who will only lip synch her material. Still, I think it's safe to assume that if this gets made, chances are Hudson will be involved.
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