Remember the old man in Monty Python and the Holy Grail who proclaimed not only that he wasn't dead yet but that he was in fact feeling better, despite John Cleese's attempts to hand him over to the body collector? Apparently, that's more or less Rider Strong's role in Cabin Fever 2: Spring Fever, as he is returning for the followup to Eli Roth's 2002 original, despite appearing to be quite dead by the end of that film. The Hollywood Reporterjust announced that the sequel is currently in production in North Carolina, and that the story will involve a return of the flesh-eating virus at a high school prom. Even those who have seen Carrie will probably agree that suddenly pig blood doesn't seem like the worst thing you could bring to the dance.

Strong's participation was first mentioned here on Cinematical by Scott Weinberg, as was the return of Giuseppe Andrews as the party-loving Deputy Winston, and a run down of the new cast members. The piece from The Hollywood Reporter is giving more details on who is doing what. Comedian Judah Friedlander (currently of NBC's 30 Rock) plays the Down Home Water security guard. Mark Borchardt ( who was the subject of American Movie) will play Winston's cousin from Wombusaw, and cult actor-director Larry Fessenden plays a water truck driver who comes to a bad end. Ti West is directing the sequel, and although I'm not familiar with the films he's directed, Strong and Andrews' participation at least indicate continuity with the original, which was a pretty fun little splatter flick.
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