Growing up as I did, John Henry wasn't a famous folk hero, but a beautiful, against-all-odds racehorse. My dad is a bit of a racing fiend, so names like John Henry, Secretariat, Man O' War and Affirmed were bantered around quite frequently. Unfortunately, there aren't too many feature films with horses, which meant that I saw Phar Lap more times than I can count. While Seabiscuit still holds as the most recent thoroughbred biographical feature, a documentary is in the works that details the long, on-going life of John Henry.

The doc will come from Cameron Duddy and Chris Koby, who Variety describes as music video directors. (Perhaps one of you know whether Cameron Duddy is the son of Christopher Duddy?) Penned by Max Eisenberg, the film will discuss the less-than-glamorous beginnings and long life of the famous racehorse -- who is still alive at 32 years (100 in human years). Ranked as the 23rd top champion of the 20th century by Blood-Horse, John Henry's story is pretty impressive. The horse went from being a fiesty, ornery youngster who was once sold for $1,100, to winning 39 of 83 stars and retiring in 1985 as the richest racehorse. Adding that rags-to-riches story with the fact that he was come-from-behind-horse, and you've got a heart-warming subject that pulls at all of our success-stories weak spots.
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