The ol' Dirty Harry is taking a break from his heavy material to get his jazz on. Clint Eastwood has taken the lead to produce a documentary about U.S. jazz pianist Dave Brubeck. He's topping that by chairing an honorary board for the musician's legacy, which also holds the likes of Yo-Yo Ma, Quincy Jones and even Mr. Star Wars George Lucas. Brubeck, who is in his 80s, used improvisational and classical roots to influence his jazz style, which has resulted in a number of standards that include "The Duke." In the words of Eastwood himself, "Dave Brubeck is an American legend."

The jazz legend's story, currently titled Dave Brubeck -- In His Own Sweet Way, will be documented by Bruce Ricker, who will direct and produce the doc. The film will cover the musician's career from its starts to his recent work that premiered at the Monterey Jazz Festival in 2006. If you're not familiar with Eastwood's music-oriented projects, he's already paired with Ricker for docs on Thelonius Monk and the Blue Devils. But have no fear, if those aren't to your liking, there's one more already in the works by the doc duo. You can "Put on a Happy Face," because they've also gotTony Bennett: The Music Never Ends on the way. If Eastwood and Ricker keep this up, they'll become the Time Life of music biopics. Maybe they'll even have their own collector's series!
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