Fun bits:
  • If you missed The Animation Show, which I covered in November, Cartoon Brew says that the animated shorts are not being sold on iTunes. The tour is being treated like a television show, and the shorts are packaged as episodes, 6 of which are currently available for downloading and housed in the Comedy part of their TV Shows section. The short packages include a Bill Plympton compilation, a pairing of Ward 13 and Overtime and yet another has Tomek Baginski's CG shorts. They're on the site at $1.99 per ep, which isn't too shabby at all.
  • Priscilla, Queen of the Desert was amazing, and Julie Newmar... not so much. But maybe that's because a similar story wasn't tried in a country where color is rich and vibrant. If you think it might translate into Thai, and you love a little middle-aged "Tubby Thai Tranny Terror," head over to Twitch to read a review of Haunting Me. The Thai horror/comedy has the older men in technicolor clothing, fighting ghosts and evil spirits. Definitely tranny, and definitely campy.
  • Lastly, we're heading to the other side of the planet for a little British psychological horror. Daddy's Girl, a debut written and directed by D.J. Evans, has just been picked up for distribution by Contender Enter-tainment in the U.K. The horror flick, which stars Richard Harrington and Ray Winstone's daughter Jaime, is about mourning psychiatrist who comes across a teen girl who lusts for blood. I'm not quite sure how this will factor into the film, but I can't get the scene from The Lost Boys out of my head -- the part where Laddie becomes a crazy vampiric child fiend.
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