I love Danny Trejo. Really, what's not to love? He offered to cut vatos for Bubble Boy, he's flown on Con Air and he's been in practically everything Robert Rodriguez has done, from Desperado to Spy Kids. Hell, you can even be him in the video game Def Jam Fight for NY. Seeing him as Machete in one of Rodriguez and Quentin Tarantino's faux trailers for their Grindhouse double feature is just the manly, latin cherry to a tasty blood sundae. And now it might be a teasing bit to more.

Depending on how much you can believe Rodriguez, Trejo's machete-wielding character might make it to a straight-to-DVD release. Cinema Blend seems to think so, while our Jette Kernion thinks he was less than serious. She's got a point. Would Rodriguez busy himself with a movie that wouldn't even get a wide-release? That being said, maybe a huge fan rush will miraculously change his mind and make his joke something serious. I mean, it's worked before. Right? Right? If Trejo does get a deal out of SXSW, he'd be one of the few -- this year's festival has so far been quite lackluster in terms of actual deal-making, news-making or any other kind of making. Here's hoping things pick up in the homestretch.